Why Denver Pride Is STILL Important

Meet Austin. A young Latino American leader who found his home at Pride.

Stories like Austin’s are so important. His story, like those of the Americans that were tragically lost in Orlando, is a reminder that these are not political issues—they are real people with real concerns. We send support and strength to the loved ones of the victims of the‪ ‎Pulse Orlando‬ shooting. This is our community, and we will fight for the safety of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

As Pride celebrations unfold all across the country, we will carry these victims in our hearts with every march, rally, and yes–even when we dance. This fight is vital, and we are sending love to queer people here and across all borders.


Share Austin’s story, and show that violence cannot dim the joy of LGBTQ Pride.



Maria Handley, Executive Director


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